Extension & remodelling of an existing live superstore, located in a high profile town centre on the sides of a steep valley with suspended slab construction to suit the topography of the site & space at a premium. The store remained open throughout the main construction phase, with a stipulation to maintain 90% of all parking throughout the project.


The programme constraints necessitated innovation in our construction methods particularly in our early demolition of an adjacent warehouse acquired to enable expansion, the construction of deep foundations bearing on bedrock constructed using a caisson technique for ground support and detailed phasing of the car park reconfiguration to maintain customer parking which was an integral driver in the store financial appraisal of the return on investment during the construction phase.


Key milestone dates were agreed with the client & design team, we then micro managed each element of the works to optimise the programme. Early involvement with the design team enabled us to have input into the buildability of the design relative to programme. A dedicated site management team ensured that we liaised with the client every step of the way & addressed site issues immediately they arose.


Beneficial access to demolish the adjacent building enabled us to provide a site compound for the works, we also provided single point responsibility for the civils related elements of the works including demolition, sub-structure & piling, S278 Highway Works, attenuated drainage and enabling works for the upgraded services required by the enlarged facility.

"Hovington always perform and understand clearly the need to achieve programme dates, whatever is thrown at them in the challenging retail environment, from top to bottom, they are a competent and professional organisation."

Andrew Kitchen, Senior Project Manager, Longcross Construction

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